In 2005 a workshop was held at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Milieu- en Natuurplanbureau).
The materials used in the workshop are available online:

  • A presentation (in Dutch) introducing the different methods.
  • A reader (in English) containing background materials to the discussed methods.
  • Exercises (in English)

Hans Visser of MNP edited a report on methods and application of the MCK. This report is
available from their website

The manual of the software is automatically downloaded with the software, you can also
download it separately here:

Recent extensions of the Map Comparison Kit include several methods for the comparison of raster maps with numerical values. These methods where not developed by ourselves but came forth out of a literature scan by order of the MNP. The methods have the status 'Under development' because they are not yet compatible with all tools present in the Map Comparison Kit. If you plan to make use of these methods please check the report and the technical notes: