The Map Comparison Kit can be downloaded for free. We only ask to fill out a form below to keep us informed on the MCK user group. We will only use our database in case of major news/updates related to the MCK. You are free to use the product for your scientific or commercial work.

Please refer in publications to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP) as the owner and RIKS BV as the developer of the MCK software. It is strictly forbidden to sell or redistribute the Map Comparison Kit by itself or as part of a larger package.

We are interested to learn from the analysis carried out by you or the applications that you have build with the Map Comparison Kit and would be happy to hear about this via e-mail (

The current version is 3.2.3.

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The following field is not required, but we'd appreciate it very much if you could give us a short description of what you want to use the MCK for (categorical or numerical maps, anything specific for your field, why are you trying the MCK over other software, ...). This way we can make it more useful for all sorts of users in the future. Of course we also appreciate any feedback on your experiences after you've actually used the MCK!